Dr. El-Zahab: New MME Faculty


Dr. El-Zahab

Dr. El-Zahab is an expert in the area of nanomaterials for energy applications. He obtained his B.S. from Middle East Technical University in Turkey and his Ph.D. from the University of Akron, both in chemical engineering.

His doctoral work focused on nanomaterials for applications in biofuel synthesis and carbon dioxide utilization. In his postdoctoral research at Louisiana State University he developed new fluorescent, magnetic, and other functional nanomaterials composed of ionic liquids. In his postdoctoral research at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Dr. El-Zahab worked on the development of electrolytes and polymeric separator membranes for secondary lithium-ion batteries.

He was also part of a team developing a new rechargeable lithium-ion semi-solid flow battery that utilizes liquid lithium suspension “fuel” aimed at applications in automotive. Dr. El-Zahab has published 26 research journal articles, 2 review journal articles, and has 3 pending patents. He brings in expertise in nanofabrications, ionic liquids, and energy storage to build a vibrant research group centered on the development of advanced materials addressing energy problems.

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  1. Mustafa says:

    Hi Dr. El-Zahab,

    I’m so glad to post my comment here, its so interesting regarding your profile working with biofuel that field i always wish to work with because its opining new window on next generation of bio friendly fuel.
    I’m hoping to you good luck and progress in your work.

    Mustafa Al-Azzawi
    B.S , M.Sc. Metallurgy
    Ph.D Student (Materials)
    Nano-Lab, University of Technology Iraq,
    Collaborative with Manchester Metropolitan University,UK

  2. Dr. Arvind Yogi says:

    Dear Prof. El-Zahab
    Greetings !
    I am Dr. Arvind Yogi, from India.
    My principal research interests lie in the field of condensed matter physics and involve the synthesis, characterization and evaluation of new materials of potential industrial and academic interest. The technological impact of condensed matter physics over the last few decades has been immense, and has affected almost every aspect of our daily lives. Examples include magnetic materials used for data storage in modern computers and the high temperature superconductors which have the potential to revolutionise a large number of applications.
    Currently I am working as a post-doctoral fellow at Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Thiruvananthapuram (IISER-TVM), Kerala, India with Dr. Ramesh Chandra Nath. In the last six years I have extensively worked on strongly correlated systems mainly on material synthesis and characterizations using different experimental techniques. My present research is focused on the synthesis and physical property measurements on frustrated spin half square lattice compounds (also known as J1-J2 model). For this model a rich phase diagram with interesting ground state properties has been proposed theoretically. We have synthesized several compounds which fall in this phase diagram and studied there physical properties.

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