Course Requirements for Ph.D. Program

Applicants having a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering are required to complete at least 75 credit hours in the Ph.D. program, subject to the following requirements:

    1. At least 30 credits at the 5000 level or higher (not to include dissertation)
    2. At least 12 credits at the 6000 level or higher, (not to include dissertation).
    3. Maximum 9 credits outside the areas of Mathematics and Mechanical Engineering.
    4. Minimum 21 credits of dissertation.

Applicants having a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from an accredited program are given a maximum of 30 transferred semester hours, and their course requirements at FIU should include at least 15 credit hours earned in academic courses which are part of the doctoral program, and a minimum of 21 credits of dissertation.

Ph.D. students are required to submit a proposed program of study for approval by their advisor and the MME Graduate Program Director before the beginning of their third semester.

Core Courses

Mathematics Courses (approved for use at the graduate level)

This is a partial list of approved courses from the mathematics and statistics department. Please see the department Graduate Program Director for other approved courses that are not on this list.

  • MAA 5406 Complex Analysis
  • MAS 5145 Applied Linear Algebra
  • STA 5206 Design of Experiments I
  • MAD 5405 Numerical Methods
  • MAP 5407 Methods of Applied Analysis
  • STA 5126 Fundamental of Design of Experiments
  • MAP 5317 Advanced Differential Equations for Engineers
  • STA 5236 Regression Analysis
  • MAP 5236 Math. Tech. of Oper. Research
  • STA 5676 Reliability Engineering
  • MAP 5407 Methods of Applied Analysis
  • STA 5800 Stochastic Proc for Engineers
  • STA 5507 Nonparametric Methods
  • STA 6166 Statistical Methods in Research I
  • STA 6167 Statistical Methods in Research II
  • STA 6176 Biostatistics
  • STA 6244 Data Analysis I
  • STA 6247 Data Analysis II
  • STA 6326 Mathematical Statistics I
  • STA 6327 Mathematical Statistics II
  • STA 7707 Multivariate Methods I
  • STA 7708 Multivariate Methods II

For someone entering the PhD program with a B.S.

Engineering Core Courses: Take 2 courses from the following and the seminar course

  • EGM 5315 Intermediate Analysis of Mechanical Systems
  • EGM 5346 Computational Engineering Analysis
  • EGM 5354 FEM Applications in Mechanical Engineering
  • EGM 6422 Adv. Analysis of Mechanical Systems
  • EGM 6355 Nonlinear FE Analysis
  • EML 6725 Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • EML 6935 Graduate Seminar


At least 21 credits of EML 7979 Dissertation

Elective Courses

A minimum of 45 credit hours of electives are required for Ph.D. students when beginning with a Bachelor’s degree. Refer to Graduate Elective Courses in Mechanical Engineering for a list of elective courses offered by the Mechanical Engineering Department. Courses are chosen with major professor’s consent.

Other graduate electives may include courses in EE, CE, CS, Engineering Management, Mathematics and Life Sciences at the 5000 or 6000 level, with a MAXIMUM of 9 hours taken outside the ME department. The Advisor and Graduate Program Director must approve these courses (reflected on the program of study checklist). A maximum of three hours of EML 6908 Independent Studies and 6 hours of EML 6910, Supervised Research, may be used toward elective credits.

Ph.D. Course Breadth Requirements

All potential Ph.D. candidates are required to take one three-course sequence for a total of 9 credits outside of their major area and receive a grade of “B” or better in each course. The appropriate areas of study are determined by the thesis advisor.

Students must demonstrate graduate knowledge acquisition in four incremental stages in order to be awarded a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering:

Stage I Qualifying Exam (QE)

a href=”proposal-defense”>Proposal Defense

Candidacy Exam (CE)

Final Defense

In the semester prior to his/her taking the QE, student must declare intention to take the QE and must declare a major area.

Students who request changes in schedule of any exam will have their requests evaluated on a case-by-case basis and must file a petition in written form for approval by the ME Department Graduate Committee. The petition must be approved by the student’s advisor before being sent to the ME Department Graduate Committee for action.