Final Defense (FD)

There will be a public defense in the form of a seminar. After this, there will be a closed door final examination that can cover questions in his/her thesis/dissertation and any related subject. The student has a second chance to pass the defense based upon discretion of his/her Thesis/Dissertation Committee. The student can fail the defense and final examination twice at most.

Timeline: The Final Defense for the MS should be presented no later than the 2nd year after admittance with a bachelor’s degree. The final Defense for the PhD should be presented no later than the 4th year after admittance with a master’s degree and no later than the 6th year after admittance with a bachelor’s degree.

A dissertation is required of all candidates for the Doctoral Degree and a thesis is required of all candidates in the thesis option of the MS program. A student must enroll for thesis/dissertation credits in the semester in which he or she expects to be admitted to candidacy, and must maintain continuous enrollment every semester, including summers, until the semester in which the masters/doctoral degree is awarded. US citizens and foreign students may enroll in a minimum of one thesis credit per semester until the MS thesis is completed. Foreign students must enroll in a minimum of 3 dissertation credits each semester until the dissertation is completed. Upon completion of the thesis/dissertation, the degree candidate will submit to the Dean of Graduate Studies an application for thesis defense (M-3 form) or dissertation defense (D-5 form) signed by the student’s Dissertation Committee with sufficient time to allow for publishing a notice in the monthly calendar of thesis/dissertation defenses to invite members of the university community to observe the defense.

Following the successful defense of the thesis/dissertation, as determined by a unanimous vote of the student’s Thesis/dissertation Committee, the thesis/dissertation must be forwarded to the Dean of the College of Engineering and Computing and the Dean of Graduate Studies for their approval using the ETD form.

All theses submitted in fulfillment of requirements for graduate degrees must conform to University guidelines (see “Thesis and Dissertation Preparation Manual” located in the University Graduate School). Once final, an approved copy of the thesis/dissertation must be delivered to the Department. Library copies must conform to University guidelines, also published in the “Thesis and Dissertation Preparation Manual” and must be delivered along with the ETD form.