Timeline For Graduation

Within first 9 credits–have a graduate advisor appointed in writing

Within first 15 credits–have the Thesis Committee appointed in writing and file Program of Study with Graduate Program Coordinator. Submit Form M1 * – THESIS/DISSERTATION COMMITTEE APPOINTMENTS – to Division of Graduate Studies, along with a summary of the thesis proposal.

within 2 semesters submit form M-2 Master’s Thesis Proposal.

Semester prior to graduation and semester of graduation

Must be registered in the Master’s Thesis course.

Beginning of semester of graduation.

Submit application for graduation to Registrar’s office (refer to official FIU Academic Calendar for official “last day to apply for graduation”).

Verify the last possible day to hold the thesis defense (Deadlines for Thesis and Dissertation)- normally about three weeks before end of semester.

At least 3 weeks before thesis defense

Submit Form M3* – REQUEST FOR THESIS/DISSERTATION DEFENSE – to University Graduate School studies, along with thesis abstract (IBM diskette and hard copy).

Supply copies of thesis to all committee members.

Defend thesis

Within one week after thesis defense

Submit Form M-4* – RESULTS OF THESIS/DISSERTATION DEFENSE – to University Graduate School.

At least 2 business days before graduation (varies according to semester – consult FIU calendar)

Obtain signatures of Thesis Committee approving thesis (signature page in the thesis document).

Submit Form M-5* – THESIS/DISSERTATION MEMORANDUM OF APPROVAL – to University Graduate School, along with:

MS graduates: Submit two copies of thesis in a sturdy, covered box.

* Information regarding the forms required by the Uniersity of Graduate School is provided here for your convenience. This information may change by the time the updated version of this manual is issued. Please consult the University of Graduate School(PC 224, 348-2455) to obtain the most current information. Note that Forms M-1 through M-5 all require the signature of the Dean of the College of Engineering. Contact the Dean’s office early enough so that you may obtain this signature in time for the deadline. All forms submitted to the University Graduate School must be typed.