The senior design capstone project is broken into two courses: EML 4551, Ethics study and Design Organization, a one-credit course, and EML 4905, Senior Design.  In the first course on Design Organization, students will organize into design teams and select a design project, and then complete the preliminary design .  In Senior Design, detail and final design work will be completed on the project, with either a prototype (full-scale, miniature, functional, or possibly a mock-up) with a set of design drawings, or a set of engineering drawings only, if a large system is designed such as an HVAC system.

The capstone design project emphasizes on teamwork as an integral part of the design process. All the projects will be presented in a department-wide conference at the end of the semester and evaluated by the Industrial Advisory Board and faculty.

The spirit of the Capstone Design Project is provided by ABET (the Accreditation Board of Engineering and Technology), which accredits all of the national engineering programs.

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