Fully enrolled non-mechanical engineering undergraduate students, who have at least a junior status with a cumulative FIU Grade Point Average of 2.0 or better, may apply to the Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering to request a minor in Engineering Science. To earn a minor in Engineering Sciences students must complete the 16 credit hours listed below with a minimum grade of “C” in each course.

EGN 3311 Statics 3
EGN 3321 Dynamics 3
EGN 3365 Materials in Engineering 3
EMA 3702 Mechanics and Materials Science 3 and
EMA 3702L Mechanics and Materials Science Lab 1 or
EML 3126 Transport Phenomena 3
EML 3126L Transport Phenomena Lab 1
EGN 3343 Thermodynamics I 3

Students who have taken equivalent course/courses will be exempt from taking these courses. However, they will need to select courses from the following list to satisfy the minimum requirement of 15 credit hours for the minor:

EML 3222 System Dynamics 3
EML 3500 Mechanical Design I 3
EML 3101 Thermodynamics 3
EML 4140 Heat Transfer 3