Senior Instructor and Advisor
(305) 348-4183

Carmen Schenck obtained her Bachelors and Masters of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from our institution. She was the only Mechanical Engineering Advisor from late 1980’s until the end of 2012 with over 600 students. Now she is the primary advisor having the department more than 900 undergraduate students. Her job includes analysis of student’s records, insuring that they meet all prerequisites, that students take all required courses and meet any other graduation requirements. She also helps students by writing recommendation letters for practical training and jobs. She helps students complete financial aid requests and writes study plans for scholarship providers for new students.She prepares all paperwork to re-instate students, evaluates student graduation applications and helps with the scheduling of classes for 22 faculty members. As part of her advising duties she has attended all meetings related to advising, understanding new advising systems,new registration systems and advising Forums.

In the late-1990’s she was asked to help the department by teaching courses. Since then she has taught EGN1100, Intro to Engineering to very good-to-excellent reviews by students. Students consider her a premier advisor and teacher. She has received a Tau Beta Pi Certificate of Appreciation for her dedication and support of engineering students for the past 5 years. She has also participated in engineering discipline outreach work in the surrounding Miami-Dade County Public Schools and here at the College of Engineering and Computing’s Engineering Expo that occurs in February of each year. She is an important point of contact for newly arrived students to the Mechanical and Materials Engineering Program.