Ibrahim Nur Tansel
Professor and Chair,
ASME Fellow
Wisconsin ‘86
Fall ‘90
(305) 348-3304

Degrees with Fields, Institution, and Date:

Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering, University of Wisconsin-Madison, May 1986
M.S. Mechanical Engineering, University of Istanbul, Turkey, March 1980
B.S. Mechanical Engineering, University of Istanbul, Turkey, May 1978

Number of Years Service of this Faculty, Date of Original Appointments and Dates of Advancement in Rank:

25 Years

Professor, Florida International University, 2007 – Present
Associate Professor, Florida International University, 1994 – 2007
Assistant Professor, Florida International University, 1990-1994

Other Related Experience – Teaching industrial, etc.:

Assistant Professor, Tufts University 1986-1990
Teaching Assistant, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1984-1986

Consulting, Patents, etc.:

Motorola, Ft. Lauderdale, several times

State in which registered: N/A

Principal Publications (Last five years):

Ibrahim N. Tansel, Benjamin L.Grisso, Gurjiwan Singh, Gurjashan Singh, Srikanth Korla, Ramon Duran, Liming W. Salvino “Wear Estimation by Testing the Elastic Behavior of Tool Surface,” International Journal of Machine Tools and Manufacture Volume 51, Issues 10-11, 2011, pp. 745-752

I.N.Tansel, M. Demetgul, K. Bickraj , B. Kaya, B. Ozcelik, “Basic Computational Tools and Mechanical Hardware for Torque-Based Diagnostic of Machining Operations,” Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing, DOI: 10.1007/s10845-011-0550-4, available online.

Babur Ozcelik, Emel Kuram, Erhan Demirbas, Emrah Sik, , Ibrahim Tansel, “Evaluation of New Vegetable Based Cutting Fluids on Thrust Force and Surface Roughness in Drilling of AISI 304 using Taguchi Method,” Materials and Manufacturing Processes, Vol.26, 2011, pp.1136-1146.

I. N. Tansel, S.Gülmez, M. Demetgul, Ş.Aykut, “Taguchi Method – GONNS Integration: Complete procedure covering from experimental design to complex optimization” Expert Systems with Applications, Vol.38, No.5, 2011, pp.4780-4789.

I. N. Tansel, M. Li, K. Bickraj ,  M. Demetgul, B. Kaya, B. Ozcelik, ” Detecting chatter and estimating wear from the torque of end milling signals by using Index Based Reasoner (IBR)” International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, DOI: 10.1007/s00170-010-2838-5 Availible on-line.

I.N. Tansel, Mustafa Demetgul, Hasan Okuyucu, A. Yapici, “Optimizations of Friction Stir Welding of Aluminum Alloy by Using

Genetically Optimized Neural Network,” International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Volume 48, Numbers 1-4, 2010, pp.95-101.

Ş.Aykut, M. Demetgul, I.N. Tansel, “Selection of optimum cutting condition of cobalt based super alloy with GONNS,” International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Volume 46, Numbers 9-12, 2010, pp.957-967.

I.N. Tansel, M. Demetgul, R.A. Leon, A. Yenilmez, A. Yapici, “Design of Energy Scavengers of Structural Health Monitoring Systems by Using GONNS,” Sensors and Materials, Vol.21, No.3, 2009, pp.141-154.

M. Demetgul, I.N. Tansel, S. Taskin, “Fault diagnosis of pneumatic systems with artificial neural network algorithms,” Expert Systems with Applications, In press, Volume 36, Issue 7, September 2009, Pages 10512-10519.

X. Wang, I.N. Tansel, “Modeling Progress of Lamb Waves by using Genetic Algorithm and S-Transformation,” Structural Health Monitoring, Vol.6, No.1, 2007, pp.25-37.

I.N. Tansel, F. Inanc, N. Reen, P. Chen, X. Wang, C. Kropas-Hughes, A. Yenilmez, Journal of Nondestructive Evaluation “Neural Network Based Thickness Estimation from Multiple Radiographic Images,”, Vol. 25, No. 2, 2006, pp.53-66.

A. Yenilmez, D. Rincon, I.N. Tansel, F.I. Erazo, X. Wang, and P. Chen, International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, “Estimation of the Chatter Zones of Drilled Holes by Using S-Transformation,” Vol.31, No. 7-8, 2007

Membership in Scientific and Professional Societies:

Fellow of the ASME
Member of the SME

Honors and Awards:

Outstanding Young Manufacturing Engineer Award, SME, 1992
“ Excellence In Teaching Award,” FIU, 1998
“ Excellence In Research Award,” FIU, 1993, 2003

Institutional and Professional Services (Last five years):

Member of Faculty Senate Steering Committee
Member of Faculty Senate Research One Committee
Senator of FIU Faculty Senate, 2000-2011

Professional Development Activities (Last Five Years):

Air Force/Summer Faculty Fellowship, Eglin AFB, FL, May-August 2008

Summer Faculty Research Program, Structures and Composite (Code 652), Carderock Division, NSWC, July- August 2010

Summer Faculty Research Program, Structures and Composite (Code 652), Carderock Division, NSWC, July- August 2011