The senior design capstone project is broken into two courses: EML 4551, Ethics and Design Organization, a one-credit course, and EML 4905, Senior Design.  In the first course on Design Organization, students will organize into design teams and select a design project, and then complete the preliminary design for your project.  In Senior Design, detail and final design work will be completed on the project, with either a prototype (full-scale, miniature, functional, or possibly a mock-up) with a set of design drawings, or a set of engineering drawings only, if a large system is designed such as an HVAC system.

In Design Organization, the instructor, who is also the Faculty Coordinator for Senior Design Projects, will organize the students into design teams and then assist the students in selecting acceptable project concepts.  Lecture and classroom exercises will present the students with good design practice methods, which will then be employed to assist the design teams in developing successful preliminary designs.  Global learning, multinational manufacturing processes and professional ethics are covered in the course.  Students may use one or more professors as consultants in developing successful designs.  Once the project is determined, the professor serves as the advisor for the Senior Design course, the second part of the project.

In Senior Design, the students will report to a Faculty Advisor, who advises students on the senior design activities during the semester, and ensure that project documentation is complete and consistent with department policy.  Additionally, the Faculty Advisor is to monitor the team’s progress as well as the participation of individual students.   All the progress reports and final reports, after signed by the faculty advisor, will be submitted to the Faculty Coordinator for Senior Design Projects for record keeping and milestone checking.  All the projects will be presented in a department-wide conference at the end of the semester and evaluated by the Industrial Advisory Board and faculty.