Undergraduate Student Advising

Current Students

You may make an appointment with the Academic Advisor to discuss the issues related to enrolling a course, meeting prerequisites, credit transfer, etc. The appointment can be made via the web-based scheduling system as follows:

  1. Login to https://my.fiu.edu
  2. Under Academic Advisement select My_eAdvisor Student Dashboard, also accessible via Graduation Cap logo with the letters FIU on it.
  3. Click on Appointment Request and select the date/time for your appointment. You can choose up to two consecutive appointments per day as needed.
  4. A confirmation of the appointment will be sent to your FIU email account.
  5. IMPORTANT: If you need to cancel this appointment, please cancel it from within the Advisement Calendar in PantherSoft.
  6. NO-SHOW POLICY : Please be aware that if you miss your appointment without cancelling it beforehand, your advisor will mark you as a “No Show” in the system. If this occurs more than two times in a year, you will be unable to reserve any appointments through your student dashboard until the next academic year.

Prospective Students / New Transfer Students

If you are a prospective student (Freshman or Transfer) and are not active in the FIU system, you may contact the Engineering Advising Office front desk at 305-348-0273 to make an appointment with an advisor for your major. The Advisor is responsible for ensuring that the student follows the program of study and stays on track for on-time graduation.

Undergraduate Program Director

Dr. Kevin Boutsen
Office: EC 3236
Phone: (305) 348-9943
Email: kboutsen@fiu.edu

Undergraduate Advising Staff

Luis Garibaldi
Professional Advisor
EC 2620

Carmen Schenck
Professional Advisor
EC 2620

Graduate Student Advising

Dr. Dwayne McDaniel
EC 2108
(305) 348-6554