Alicia Boymelgreen

Visiting Faculty

Research interests: 

  • Theoretical modeling: Specialization in microscale fluid dynamics, Stokes flow, spherical harmonics.
  • Numerical modeling: Proficient in commercial software packages including COMSOL, Fluent.
  •  Experimental Techniques: Experienced in epifluorescence microscopy,3D Confocal microscopy, micro-particle image velocimetry, setup and monitoring of high-voltage AC/DC power sources.
  •  Microfabrication: Design of microfluidic devices, soft lithography, and vapor deposition.
  • Data and Image analysis: Developed programs for automated measurement and analysis using Matlab, Mathematica, Image J, and LabView.

Cheng-Yu Lai

Visiting Faculty

Research interests: Functionalized mesostructured materials (mesoporous and hierarchical silica nanomaterials) engineered for the following applications: Bionanotechnology

  • Cancer research: Intracellular biomacromolecules (DNA, RNA, and proteins) delivery nanodevice for biological systems; application in colorectal cancer;
  • Biocatalysis: Enzymatic conversion of non-food biomass in food products. Energy and the Environment
  • Catalysts for Biofuels Synthesis: Metal, and metal-oxide nanocatalysts on porous materials support for catalytic conversion of non-food biomass to fuels;
  • Sensors: Porous materials for environmental applications (sensing of water contaminants and carbon capture).
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