The senior design capstone project is broken into two courses: EML 4551, Ethics and Design Organization, a one-credit course, and EML 4905, Senior Design Project, a three-credit course.  In the first course on Design Organization, students will organize into design teams and select a design project, and then complete the preliminary design and validation plan for their project.  In Senior Design Project, detail and final design work will be completed on the project, with either a prototype (full-scale, miniature, functional, or possibly a mock-up) with a set of design drawings, or an engineering design framework and feasibility study if a large system is designed such as an HVAC system. During each semester, student teams will be guided by a project mentor (a member of the senior design faculty within the MME Department) and a project advisor (an outside expert in one of the disciplines necessary for the completion of the project). By the end of the process students will be evaluated based on the following student outcomes:

Modular Course Design

Students participate in multiple modules throughout each semester to enhance their engineering design capabilities, leadership and teamwork skills, and project management skills. The modules are between 1 and 3 weeks in duration. They engage students in topics around assessing customer and project needs, developing an elevator pitch, exploring the environmental, ethical and societal implications of the design, and generating novel and innovative ideas and prototypes.

Project and Team Formulation

Projects for Senior Design focus on providing students with the opportunity to engage with industry, local government and non-profits, and research partners. In addition, students can also elect to propose their own projects (e.g., aerospace design competitions). Projects are proposed in the semester prior to the start of each semester in collaboration with the senior design instructors. To learn more about project submissions, check out the MME project submission site:

Sponsor a Project

The Senior Design projects with the best student outcomes are those that have a direct tie to industry and have interaction and guidance from an industry advisor. It is especially important to have an Advisor that is familiar with the Senior Design process. If you or your company are interested in exploring an idea that you think might be an ideal project for a senior design team, we would love to hear about it.


Senior Design Day



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