MME Graduate Research Symposium is an annual event that highlights the exciting research that our graduate students have carried out. It aims to provide a platform for our graduate students to highlight their research, obtain feedback from different perspectives, gain professional experience, network with both MME students/faculty and outside participants, and identify potential collaboration opportunities.



Format: 12 min (~12 slides) ORAL or POSTER presentation
Location: Room EC 2300(oral)/Panther Pit (poster)

Guest speakers: 

  • Dr. Majid Beidaghi
  • Dr. Shadi Darvish
  • Dr. Rupak Dua
  • Dr. Sohail Reddy

Abstract submission deadline: February 15, 2023 Email to:
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For more info, please contact
Dr. Zhe Cheng, 305-348-1973,
Ms. Tiziana Leoni, 305-348-0198,

Tentative agenda:


Click here to download the abstracts: MME 2023 graduate research day abstracts

Type1st Author/PresentorTimeLevelAdvisorTitle
PAdams, Joel9:30PhDLagosReinforcement learning applied to waste segregation
PChodankar, Abhijeet9:30PhDMcDanielParticle resuspension simulation of nuclear waste pipe flow using lbm-dem subgrid scale method
PCintas, Brendon9:30PhDLagosValidation of slurry rheology in defense waste processing facility (dwpf) sludge batch (sb) 10 using nonradioactive chemical simulants
PDas, Suprabha9:30PhDChengNovel processing and fundamentals for high temperature nitride ceramics
PJafarizadeh, Borzooye9:30PhDWangPractical piezoresistive sensor for pulse waveform monitoring
PLi, Wenhao9:30PhDChengBaCo0.4Fe0.4Zr0.1Y0.1O3-σ cathode performance for proton conducting solid oxide fuel cells with BaZr1-xCexY0.1Yb0.1O3-δ electrolytes
PSaha, Anirban9:30PhDMcDanielDevelopment of methods for real time in-line monitoring of yield stress during the transfer of radioactive waste
PSarker, Md Sharif Ahmed9:30PhDMcDanielController development and virtual simulation of a multi-crawler system for the inspection of small diameter pipes
PSotolongo, Maria Karla9:30PhDBoesl/LagosAutomating structural inspections at the waste isolation pilot plant (WIPP)
PSozal, Md Shariful9:30PhDChengFabrication and preliminary testing of silver pattern cathodes for proton conducting IT-SOFC
PViamonte, Edgar9:30MSBoeslUse of graphical programing for materials analysis and characterization
PZahin, Muhtadi Munawar,9:30PhDDickersonOptimized electrospun patch production for structural support and cell guidance in engineered enthesis replacement
OSukumaran, Abhijith12:30PhDAgarwalTribological and radiation shielding response of novel titanium-boron nitride coatings for lunar structural components
OChowdhury, Azmal12:45PhDWangConverting tissue paper to highly sensitive and linear pressure sensor for pulse waveforms collection
OHu, Beichao13:00PhDMcDanielApplying physics-informed neural network to solve 2D-incompressible Navier-Stokes equations
OJohn, Denny13:15PhDAgarwalProfilometry-based indentation plastometry for evaluating bulk tensile properties of aluminum-silicon carbide composites
OOrikasa, Kazue13:30PhDAgarwalAnisotropic radiation shielding and thermal properties of 2D boron nitride nanoplatelet foam via freeze-drying
ORayhan, Md Munim15:15PhDMcDanielSimulation and experimental validation of collision avoidance of robotic wire and arc additive manufacturing
OMahyawansi, Pratik15:30PhDMcDanielInvestigation of velocity profile in a stratified flow using experiments and analytical methods
ODey, Preyojon15:45PhDBoymelgreenThe impact of selected abiotic factors on zooplankton hatching process through real-time, in-situ observation
ORodrigues De Oliveira, Priscila16:00MSAgarwalNovel polyimide-hexagonal boron nitride nanocomposites for synergistic improvement in tribological and radiation shielding for aerospace applications