Florida International University encourages and accepts applications from qualified applicants without regard to sex, physical handicap, cultural, racial, religious, or ethnic background or association.


Before you apply

Before you get started, gather all your documents and information. Follow application instructions or get help from an admission counselor.

Graduate application

If you are planning to start a graduate program, click on the following link.

Domestic students

Students interested in applying can do so in the following methods:

International students 

Whether you are a freshmen or a transfer student, please carefully review deadlines and requirements before starting your application

Note: An international student will not be granted admission to the University until all academic and non-academic requirements have been met. Under no circumstances should a student come to the University without having received the official Letter of Admission and the I-20A form. All correspondence and document submissions should be directed to: Office of Admissions, Florida International University, P.O. Box 659003 Miami, FL 33265-9003.