Nanosystems Engineering Research Center for Directed Multiscale Assembly of Cellular Metamaterials with Nanoscale Precision:
CELL-MET — A National Science Foundation Research Center

The NSF Engineering Research Center in Cellular Metamaterials – CELL-MET – is designed to stimulate translation of research to practice by facilitating worldwide corporate, clinical, and institutional partnerships. CELL-MET—with Boston University as the lead institution— aims to transform cardiovascular care by combining breakthroughs in nanotechnology and manufacturing with tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, while also developing areas of expertise in education, diversity, administration, and outreach.

Lead by Boston University
Partner with Florida International University & University of Michigan

CELL-MET Research Faculty

Arvind Agarwal headshot

Arvind Agarwal

Distinguished University Professor and Chair

Research Interests: Carbon nanotube reinforced composites and coatings, plasma spray, surface engineering, nanomechanics and nanotribology, bioceramic coatings, nanomechanics of biological cells and spark plasma sintering.
Lab: Plasma Forming Laboratory

Office: EC 3474
Phone: (305) 348-1701