richard-zicarelliRichard Zicarelli

Coordinator for Engineering Manufacturing Center (EMC)
OU 118

Office Hours
Monday-Friday 9.00 AM – 5.00 pm


Richard Zicarelli has been with FIU since the Fall of 2005. He is the Coordinator for FIU’s Engineering Manufacturing Center and also the Lab Instructor of the
Manufacturing Processes course EIN3390L. He has a background of 30+ years as a
manufacturing professional and computer network specialist in both the Aerospace and
Mold making Industries. He has taught in vocational schools and also continues to
serve as a consultant to Industries and schools throughout the South Florida area. He
provides professional consultations and project assistance to FIU’s Research and
Academic departments, students and the community. Mr. Zicarelli is dedicated to the
future and success of all students and FIU.