Advanced Ceramics Group

Educating next generation scientists and engineers with expertise in advanced ceramic science and engineering and promoting awareness of ceramics and related fields among undergraduate students and the general South Florida community

Advanced Materials Engineering Research Institute

AMERI specializes in nano-technology, nano-fabrication, biosensors, carbon nanotubes and nanowires, micro fuel cells and batteries, electronic materials, ceramics, polymers, biomaterials, metals and alloys, and composite materials.

Center for the Study of Matter under Extreme Conditions

CESMEC specializing in developing and testing new materials for ultra high temperatures and pressures.

Composites Laboratory

The Composite Laboratory specializes in Structure-to-Property Relationships, Design of Materials, Analysis Methods, and Material Systems Expertise.

Multidisciplinary Analysis, Inverse Design, Robust Optimization and Control Laboratory

MAIDROC with its 128-processor parallel computer emphasizing computational interdisciplinary integration of fields involving fluid mechanics/aerodynamics, heat transfer, stress/deformation fields, electromagnetics, and chemistry.

Plasma Deposition Laboratory

The Plasma laboratory provides excellent experimental research facilities for hot and cold plasma deposition, thermal barrier coating, anti-corrosion coating, bulk metallic glasses manufacturing and characterization.